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            Lianyungang Lian Xin Glass Co., Ltd.


            About Us

            Our vision:
            Commit to be Excellence &Producing the best FRP of China
            Management Ideas :
            High Quality & Efficiency Integrity-based Client priority
            Lianyungang Lianxin FRP Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, which locates in the beautiful city of Lianyungang — the east bridgehead of Euro-Asia Continental Bridge. The company (two production areas) covers a floor area of 120,000m2 with 30000m2 modern standard workshop on it. It supplies over 20,000 tons FRP products annually, whose annual revenue is over RMB200 million. Lianxin has more than 50 professional technicians, including 6 senior engineers and 22 junior engineers. It has also cooperated with many domestic universities and scientific research institutes in development in research & manufacture, technical consulting and project general contracting of FRP products. Core products of the Company include FRP pipe (pure FRP pipe, pipe with stiffening rings, mortar pipe, thermal insulation pipe, ventilating pipe, wear-resistant pipe), FRP fittings, FRP vessel (tank, Large FRP tank on site , double-wall oil tank), FRP equipment (biological odor control device, integrated pumping station, washing tower, inspection well, flue gas desulfurization device), chimney and flue, desulfurization tower, etc....【more】



            Only with quality can there be a market

            • FRP/GRP Pipe

              Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)/ glassfibre reinforced plastic (GRP) pipe

            • FRP/GRP Tank and Vessel

              Fibrace provides both pressure vessel and atmospheric pressure tank.

            • FRP/GRP Lift Station (Sewage Pump Station)

              The outer main structure of pump is made by filament wound FRP. Fibrace could provive...

            • FRP/GRP Chimney, Ducts & Tower

              FRP/GRP Chimney has been widely used in wet desulphurization structure and all-day device equipment.

            • FRP/GRP FGD Equipments

              Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) device is consiste of riser pipe, bubbling pipe, overflow pipe, FRP grille plate, etc..

            • Other Equipments

              Other Equipments